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How to Make A Candida Diet Meal Plan

Look, I know the diet can feel really overwhelming and intimidating. I swear, it’s not actually that hard –the rules may seem a little onerous, but I’ll show you how in this post, where I’ll show you how to make a candida diet meal plan! And it is truly tasty and something that can feasibly work more long-term (at least it feels that way for me, roughly 30 days in).

I’ve created the following candida diet meal plan with the assumption that you’re consuming meat, but I’ll try to include vegan options as well.

All of the below ideas are SUPER easy, SUPER yummy, and do not require a lot of prep time or dishes.

Candida Diet Meal Plan: Breakfast

Idea 1: Eggs + veggies + bacon (optional) + avo (optional)

candida diet meal plan

Eggs are your best friend for a candida diet meal plan. Chop up some onions, pan-fry, throw in a few handfuls of green leafy veggies are PERFECT and easy here (but really ANY veggies will do — zucchini is a great one).

I’m a big fan of starting with bacon, and using the bacon fat that comes off the bacon as it cooks down to cook the rest of the food.

Top with an avo, some S&P, and you’re there!

ALSO! You can make egg cups from all of the above by putting these things in the oven with the runny egg in muffin tins, bake at 350 until the egg cooks.

You can dress up with some fun spices — garlic, cumin, coriander, turmeric, curry.

Idea 2: Coconut flour pancakes

I only just realized this is candida-compliant (animal protein + protein fat), and it is SO easy. Beat 2 eggs, add coconut flour, a little bit of cinnamon, maybe some vanilla extract, a dash of Himalayan pink salt, tiny bit of baking powder. Then add some almond milk or even just filtered water to the mix to get it to a “pancake batter” consistency. Pan-fry in ghee or coconut oil. Here’s a recipe if you feel more comfortable having exact measurements.

Idea 3: Green smoothie

candida diet meal plan: green smoothie

Coconut meat/water + monkfruit are key here in making this not taste terrible amidst all the other health food ingredients. I make a Green Goddess smoothie and put in nutrient-rich and detoxifying ingredients like neutral greens (zucchini or spinach), spirulina, chlorella. I’ll put in some hemp seeds + chia seeds to make it more filling (protein + fat). And then put in some cinnamon, Himalayan pink salt, raw almond butter (to make it creamy). I like to toss in some crushed ice and blend to make it have more of an ice cream feel.

Candida Diet Meal Plan: Lunch/Dinner

Idea 1: Mixed green salad + seeds/nuts/quinoa + avo

candida diet meal plan: salad

Add basically whatever chopped veggies you want to a few handfuls of mixed greens. Shredded carrots, chopped zucchini, cucumbers, all good options. If you have leftover roasted veggies, it’s a quick and fast add-on too (roasted brussels, carrots, fennel, cauliflower, red potatoes). Add hemp seeds, sliced almonds, and/or some avocado to make it tasty. Some quinoa for bulk is great to make it more filling.

Salad dressing ideas: MCT oil/olive oil/avocado oil + acid (ACV and/or lemon/lime juice) + coconut aminos + S&P + red pepper

Add fun things like a little mustard, a little miso (maybe + ginger), a tiny bit of raw garlic if tolerated (it’s delicious but upsets my stomach personally

Idea 2: Mixed green salad + animal protein

candida diet meal plan: salad with animal protein

If you’re eating meat, the meal can be anchored by an animal protein. Fried eggs are nice on a salad, or a grilled fish/chicken/any other animal protein (can just be oil, S&P).

Since there’s an animal protein going here, make sure there are non nuts/seeds/pseudograins (like quinoa). Just the animal protein + veggies.

Idea 3: Animal protein + leafy veggie stirfry

This is pretty much the same idea as the above animal protein + salad idea, but the veggies caramelize when they’re heated which, to me, makes it feeling more satiating and feels nice at night when it’s a little colder.

Idea 4: Starchy veggie stirfry + quinoa

This can be any kind of veggie, not just starchy veggies, but it would be tasty to do some red potatoes + carrots here, maybe with some kale to balance out.


I honestly will just snack on roasted veggies, especially things like green beans. Or raw crudite cut up for dips (red peppers, cucumbers, carrots).


What I’ve been going hard on is CHOCOLATE. 🍫 It’s actually super easy to make your own chocolate — just coconut oil/cacao butter, cacao powder, monkfruit/erythritol, vanilla, Himalayan sea salt. Mix it together and mix up the ratios to taste, freeze, wait half an hour or so and VOILA! Chocolate. It’s the perfect thing to scratch a sweet tooth 🙂

I also often make smoothies to scratch the sweet tooth — if you mix it with ice and almond butter, you can attain an ice cream-like consistency which is really satisfying. The main thing is balancing the fat to ice ratio — making sure there’s enough fat in there to keep it from getting too slushy-like.