90 Day Cleanse

Days 71-77: Have I Healed My Yeast Infections?

I’ve had a lot of personal ups and downs in my life over the past week, but my vagina has been a trooper through it all and not acted up…no yeast infections or BV… despite the added stress and lack of sleep. Go, team go!

I’m nearing the final stretch of the 90 days — with just under 2 weeks left. I almost can’t believe it.

I’ve said this in past blog posts, but I do truly believe this is just my life now. And I do feel better eating this way. On days that I’ve gotten sufficient sleep, I’ve had great energy throughout the day and felt balanced and healthy.

I’m losing a little bit of muscle tone, but I think that may have more to do with not eating as much protein and also not working out as hard as I used to than anything else. The weight loss seems to have plateaued (which is fine with me, since I’m not trying to lose weight).

It just feels good to feel like things are finally stabilizing and under control. And it’s not like I’ve been the paragon of perfection either, on the diet front. I’ve definitely had quite a few cheats in the past week (but giving myself grace on those considering the turbulence in my life otherwise… it’s hard to keep it all together, all the time. Scratch that, it’s virtually impossible. A good way of knowing someone’s a zombie or vampire or some sort of non-human being, perhaps 😉 ).


  • Gluten-free, dairy-free pizza
  • Mung bean noodles
  • Soy sauce
  • Food combining – buffalo cauliflower had almond + egg

Things that I thought were cheats that may actually be OK:

  • Tamari
  • Tempeh

I thought both these things were not kosher on the diet, but after reading the actual Body Ecology Diet book, it seems like they may be OK after all. Whew! Here are a few other surprises from reading the book:

Learnings from Body Ecology Diet Book

1. Raw cultured veg should be served with every meal

OK, I had no idea I was supposed to be eating this much raw cultured veg (AKA sauerkraut). The case for this is because they’re already pre-digested. The friendly bacteria have already converted the natural sugars/starches in vegetables into lactic acid. They actually help the digestion of the other foods eaten with them!

They are enzyme powerhouses, eliminate toxins, rejuvenate cells, and strengthen the immune system. They are also great for controlling cravings (especially sugar cravings!). Donna recommends 1/2 cup with every meal. But… here’s the thing… even after reading the book, I’m still not quite doing this. But what I AM doing is trying to incorporate more of this more often (like everytime I have a salad). And otherwise actively eating more probiotic-rich food (like Coconut Cult yogurt or the attempt I made at coconut yogurt…more on that later). Baby steps!

2. Fish is the best form of animal protein

Donna recommends having fish at least 3x/week because of the high omega-3 content. A lot of foods have omega-6’s (think seeds and associated seed oils like hemp, safflower, sunflower, hemp seed, pumpkin seed). These omega-3s keep your circulatory system healthy — which is super important to support immune system functioning, carrying nutrients throughout, and removing waste. The best plant-based source of omega-3 is flax seeds/flax oil. Omega-3 oils are very heat sensitive, so to avoid burning them off, it’s best to eat them raw (think salad dressing).

3. Tomatoes are OK if they’re raw

Wow, I always thought tomatoes were a big no-no food, being a nightshade. Apparently though, they’re OK raw in moderation — if they’re cooked, they turn acidic. Tomatoes in salad are BACK! Donna is also super into the blood type diet, and apparently tomatoes are a no-go if you’re type A or B blood types. Lucky for me though, I’m an O 😉

4. If you’re full of energy around bedtime, it could mean you’re not drinking enough water during the day

This was a shocker to me! Apparently, you sleep poorly when you’re dehydrated as well, which kicks off a new cycle of insufficient rest and subsequent regeneration. Donna recommends 6-8 8 oz glasses (not news to most of us), but a good reminder of how all these inputs affect how you feel throughout the day.

5. Overeating can cause yeast overgrowth

YEAH this was shocking. That even eating compliant foods can be problematic if you eat too much of them. I knew this already about certain types of foods, like nuts that are super high in fats, but had no idea that just overloading your digestive system was so dangerous. Basically overeating slows your digestion. In doing so, that leads to fermentation in your gut. The yeast feeds off the sugars produced by fermentation…and BOOM! Yeast infection. I still have a big tendency to overeat, but this knowledge definitely makes me think twice…

Anyway… I don’t really have much else to share but I’ll leave you with some obligatory food pics.

Noteworthy Meals

This was definitely a cheat. Definitely worth it. Gluten-free, dairy-free truffle pizza from Double Zero, a local vegan pizza place in Venice. Delicious, and I think worth the cheat. I didn’t feel awesome, but also didn’t feel terrible. No yeast infections, in any case.

Definitely not yeast infection friendly

An Erewhon feast — my dear friend had a goodbye to house party (I’m sure there’s another term for this…whatever the opposite of a housewarming is). She sold her house and we celebrated with a plethora of kelp noodles and veggies.

Yeast infection friendly meals!