90 Day Cleanse / Personal Journey

Days 64-70: How To Cope With Recurrent BV

Well. I was doing really well for a bit there, and it seems like the BV’s back. Reminds me of “Backstreet’s back, alright!” Anyone? Anyone?

Moment of levity aside, it sucks to feel off again… I was feeling really great for a while there and started even thinking the itchiness was in my head. Well. It’s not. It’s in my vagina.

I had a bunch of different cheat days over the course of the past couple of weeks. I’m not sure exactly what the issue was, but there were quite a few different moments of weakness:

  • Barley milk (barley’s not OK, and found out this milk actually has added sugar..YIKES)
  • Nightshades (bell peppers, tomatoes)
  • Soy sauce (I ate something my roommate made with some soy sauce)
  • Soy (tofu, tempeh)

I’m back on the boric acid suppositories, trying to be extra careful with diet after letting myself lapse, with a little bit of tea tree oil + supporting my gut with probiotics (Sacchromyces boullardii), Pau de Arco, and glutathione. Plus, I’m still taking the probiotics from the Thryve health gut study. Who knows what’s up with that.

BV/Yeast + Relationships

So, this might be TMI, but this whole blog is a whole running list of TMI, so here goes… sorry mom! I started seeing someone new a few months ago (I’ve referenced her a bunch of times here) and I noticed that since the first time, I was having vaginal issues (yeast/BV). And every time I would see her for a bit (a few weeks in between), I would have an issue. I would eat super clean, take the boric acid suppositories + other herbal supplements, and reboot back to normal.

She’s been living with me now for a couple months and up until this last BV outbreak, I had actually finally thought things had calmed down. After months of being off and on, OK v not. I thought at first that we just had some sort of microbiome related incompatibility (which we might), and that we just needed some time to adjust to each other (based on literature I’d read). At this point though, I feel like we should have adjusted. And I’m starting to wonder whether the issue is more than just “needing to get used to each other.” I’ve been reading online that your partner’s condition and the products they’re using can really affect your V. She’s also been having a bunch of gut issues — feeling nauseous, upset stomach, often.

I’m starting to wonder if she has an underlying untreated candida/BV issue that’s been untreated and just not manifesting as a vaginal infection but manifesting in these different gut issues. From what I’ve read, there are a bunch of instances in which when the other partner is treated properly for yeast/BV, then the passing back and forth cycle finally ends.

So that brings me to the next point.

Going to the Doctor

I’ve been looking for a good gyno for a while. The last time I went was probably honestly years ago. I went a while without going to the doc because I didn’t have health insurance. Last year, I went to get a physical from a primary care doc, who told me I was in more or less fine health. That being said, the last few times I’ve gone to the gyno, I’ve felt kind of scarred. I’m always super open about my recurring yeast infections/BV, and they never really have anything to say to me that’s helpful. Always more of the same narrative. However, I happened upon a thread from a FB group I’m a part of called “Girls Night Out” where one girl posted about recurrent yeast/BV.

Hundreds of comments followed with potential solutions (I’m going to do a new post about this) and one recommendation for an awesome gyno in LA who had helped one girl with her chronic yeast infections. Despite my longstanding mistrust of conventional doctors, I thought it was maybe worth another shot, since he’d been recommended and I haven’t’ been to the doc in a bit. My appointment is in a couple of weeks, on Sept. 9. I’ll keep you guys posted on how it goes. Hopefully by then, my current BV bout will be gone, but maybe he’ll have some insight on other, more long-term solutions.

OK now for some food pics!


Zucchini Noodles w/ Cucumber Avo Salad & Homemade Pesto

Super yummy and not difficult. Small cheat with the tomatoes here. Pesto was super simple — basil, olive oil, garlic, lemon, S&P, pine nuts, and nutritional yeast. Here’s the recipe. Pine nuts and nutritional yeast, not technically compliant. On the bright side, girlfriend said it was the best pesto she’s ever had šŸ™‚ The little wins, ya k now?

You could make the whole thing compliant by taking out the pine nuts and subbing for almonds (I did this in a future iteration) and taking out the nooch (slang for “nutritional yeast,” in case you were wondering).

More Tacos — Jicama This Time šŸ™‚

Taco taco taco. Something about them is just easy and fun. This time, we brought a guac with jicama bits, cod (for me), steak (for her) and broccolini to the beach. We made little tacos with the guac, other bits, in jicama taco shells. Girlfriend said the broccolini was the best she’d ever had. Am I at 2 gold stars for the week? Anyway, the secret is simple: bacon fat. Yep. Plus a few browned onions. Yum. Here’s how they looked:

Seafood Shirataki Noodles + Green Beans

Love me a good Shirataki noodle. Made from Japanese yams, they’re super low carb, delicious, and healthy. I grew up eating them and they’ve now made it to the mainstream with all this keto stuff going on (they’re also keto and paleo!). Girlfriend cooked some seafood and mixed it in with the noodles and some avo. I stirfried some green beans w/ S&P + lemon. This was a leftovers midday meal, but no less delicious.

Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai w/ Salmon

MAN this was really good. It was my roommate’s idea. She’s amazing at finding new cool recipes to try — she made an insane sauce with almond butter, coconut aminos, lime. We roasted the spaghetti squash and stir-fried some onions, and snap peas and topped with scallions. Delicious and 100% compliant meal.


I think there’s more research to be done about gut health and the link between these things and my other issues. I also think that my girlfriend potentially needs to get treated for her gut issues or we may just keep passing BV/yeast back and forth. Yuck. I think the diet definitely helps, but it can only do so much when there’s a continual irritant popping up.