90 Day Cleanse

Day 47: How To Make A Candida-Friendly Dinner – Fish Tacos

I’m happy to announce that I have officially gotten back on the candida cleanse train, after 2 days of pizza and legume eating. Hooray! Back to our regularly scheduled programming (phew!).


Went back to my roots of kale, eggs, and onions, and bacon. Easy peasy go-to breakfast that’s super satiating and heavy on the greens. Trying hard to clean out all the junk from the past few days and atone for my eating sins. Went maybe a little too hard on the greens because I definitely did compromise on taste here (basically ended up just being a fuckton of kale), but it lasted me throughout the day and kept me going, so I’d call that a win.


This was a FEAST. Pan-fried broccolini in ghee + S&P + red pepper (GF LOVED this), salad with mixed greens, sprouts, and cukes, mahi mahi rolled in lemon pepper, coconut aminos, and coconut flour, roasted red potatoes & carrots, pan-fried squash. It was a DIY taco buffet encapsulated by a yummy jicama wrap shell. GF also brought out some Primal Kitchen mayo that added a nice creaminess.

How’d I Do?

Rating: 8/10

Food combining not on fleek (usually isn’t, I suppose), but really was practically OK except for the potatoes. And I only had a few. So I think it’s OK overall. I feel much better about this day than pretty much any day in the past couple, so I’m giving myself grace and just grateful for being back on a better track.