90 Day Cleanse

Days 43-45: How To Make Creative Candida Compliant Meals – Japanese Tacos

I’ve been really struggling to keep the candida compliant meals creative … you’ll see that mos of this is same old, same old, but that we made one more exciting meal: Japanese tacos!

Sometimes it can feel like a lot just to get by, forget about being CREATIVE. I woke up feeling honestly really shook, from a crazy dream.. I’ve also been having these weird headaches…woke up in the middle of the night last night with one. I think I’ve just been spending a LOT of time in front of a computer and my eyes may just be getting tired. Not sure if it’s candida-related at all.

I’m feeling a little itchy and off and honestly have been using boric acid suppositories every single day, morning and night, which I’m not sure is the right move. But it seems to be keeping whatever may be happening at bay, so I guess I’m grateful?

Most of what I ate was not particularly notable, except for the Japanese feast that we (by we I mean girlfriend) made last night. Here’s a rundown of candida compliant meals we made.


Brunch 1

Roomie made chicken and I have no idea what was in it..I know it was pre-seasoned that we had gotten from Imperfect Produce, and honestly a bit old. I was a little sketched out about it, but he’d eaten it the night before, so decided to go for it. It was SUPER TASTY. Like couldn’t get over how good it was. Not a 100% candida-friendly meal, because I know he rolled it in cornstarch to keep the moisture in, but it was super tender and moist. Especially considering I was reheating it with a microwave. Paired it with some of the leftover zoodles + steelhead from the night before. Super nice to have leftovers on a Monday!

Dinner 1

This was a busy and as a result, super lazy from a food POV day. Just stir-fried a little kale and topped with the remnants of the leftover buffalo cauli + the last of the chicken. At this point, my stomach honestly didn’t feel 100%…I think that chicken really was a bit old and a bit much for my stomach. Compensated by eating a couple spoonfuls of Coconut Cult to help quiet things down.


Breakfast 2

Standard eggs/avo/kale/bacon brekkie. Never fails. Look at the beautiful color on that avo. Bellissimo! May not be the most creative way to get to make a candida compliant meal, but sometimes an oldie can be a goodie… 🙂


Not particularly notable, but I finished off the Coconut Cult (sad face) and otherwise ate a bunch of tigernuts (what else is new?).

Dinner 2

Dinner was super fun but not necessarily super compliant, due to some of the ingredients we put in.

It was: Steelhead tacos on jicama taco shells with ginger, masago, seaweed salad and a fancy guac (fancy because it had jicama bits in it, in addition to onion and lime plus a little coco aminos). Plus a side of spinach shirataki noodles with mixed seaweed + green beans + fennel. We bought pickled ginger from the Japanese market (Mitsuwa) and seaweed salad from Costco. Both had some weird ingredients like dyes and sugars. I’m on principle opposed to this, but couldn’t find a clean alternative….so letting it go for now and just eating a LEETLE bit.

So colorful! Maybe because of the…ahem…artificial coloring and dyes….


Breakfast 3

Girlfriend made a standard (for us) green smoothie with the works — spirulina, chlorella, tocos, mesquite, lucuma, and Ripple (not sure if that’s allowed…it’s an alt milk made from peas). Topped with bee pollen, which I love but am starting to think may hurt my tummy too much.

Lunch + Snack

Leftovers from last night. Green beans + 1 taco + some more tacos I made with just some chopped up cabbage, avo, masago, microgreens, and some lime. Made 1 taco that I also put some DIY Bitchin’ Sauce on. Yummy light snack. And then also ate some coconut chips. And a bite of a keto cup a friend gave me that had no nutritionals…that I’m praying is compliant but really not sure. I feel like I’ve definitely slipped a little recently in terms of being strict with the diet…

Dinner 3

Oh man. So. I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to this… but girlfriend REALLY wanted pizza. And I REALLY like making her happy. In the pre-candida cleanse days, my fave place to get pizza was Abbot’s Pizza on Abbot Kinney. They have a phenomenal salad pizza with avocado, tomato, feta cheese, and I think some sort of mozzarella base as well. They actually did have a gluten-free option, and I got it with no dairy cheese and instead a vegan cheese (Daiya, which is not my fave, but all they had).

Look. It was really freaking good. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve had anything really resembling a pizza to this degree (I’ve had a few of the cauliflower crust pizzas, but it’s really not the same. This crust was made out of rice flour [and probably tapioca as well]) and it truly tasted like a regular pizza dough, down to the crunch. I asked for some dairy-free pesto and put it on top as well, which definitely gave it an extra special something. Girlfriend couldn’t keep raving about the pizza and how good it was. The danger here though is that we only ate half the pizza….so you’re gonna guess what happened tomorrow…

How’d I Do?

Rating: 2/10

Yeah, the pizza was what I think really did me in. Made a few other decisions like the ginger and the old chicken that probably weren’t the absolute best. But I’m rationalizing to myself that it really could have been worse. At this point, I’m actually HALF WAY through the 45 days. Can you believe that? I barely can.

And of all the cheats that I could have, a dairy-free gluten-free pizza isn’t the WORST sin. I’m cutting myself some slack here. Pre-candida cleanse, I would have actually felt totally fine about eating a dairy and gluten-free pizza. It’s telling though that now that I’ve been eating this cleaner way, I did feel super bloated later that night (also due to the fact probably that we ate late, around 10:30 PM). I’m starting to notice a big difference when I eat grains in general, even in small quantities. I definitely function better on an animal protein + just greens diet, even if just from an energy-level perspective.