90 Day Cleanse

Day 46: What Do You Eat On Candida Diet Cheat Day?

Well, so. Today, we’ll christen unofficial candida diet cheat day 😉 After yesterday, I had half a pizza leftover…and I wasn’t going to NOT eat it, was I? And then my roommate had another half of a gluten-free vegan pizza leftover from some place called F*** Gluten. Catchy name. He ended up not liking it, so left it for me. As the resident leftover queen, I couldn’t help myself…especially since I knew I had already transgressed with the first pizza…Cheat day is a full 24 hours, right? So I ended up eating pizza for both breakfast and lunch today. Yep. That’s right. I knew from the first pizza that it would be a wash of a day already… Sometimes, when it rains, it pours.

Pizza 1

Literally, this was such a busy day that girlfriend and I ended up eating the leftover Abbot’s Pizza pizza straight out of the box, cold. Yeah.

Pizza 2

Honestly, this wasn’t even worth the cheat. It was pretty cardboard tasting (I could tell why he’d left it for me). That being said, I was hungry and in back-to-back meetings, and didn’t feel like or really have time for cooking. So I ate the damn pizza. And tried to atone with handfuls of salad mix alongside. At least I heated it up this time.


Lol well this was just a marathon candida diet cheat day. I rationalized this one by telling myself that all of the ingredients here I actually would have eaten pre-candida cleanse. But mostly I was just really hungry. I was out for a walk with a friend catching up. Was starving. He mentioned he had some lentil and mung bean soup at home. I honestly didn’t even try to resist. I’d already been on a pizza bender, what were some freaking legumes going to do at this point? It was, indeed, delicious. Thank you, Daniel. Man, I do miss legumes. It makes me realize how much I was eating them pre-cleanse.

How’d I Do?

Rating: 0/10

Well. My first self-distributed 0. I mean, there was really nothing compliant about this day. It was a full-on candida diet cheat day. The only redeeming thing here is that I ate a bunch of salad mix. But all of the other rules went straight out the window. Might I mention that my skin is also a total mess? I’ve been breaking out like crazy all over my forehead. I wonder why 😉 What I’m telling myself is now that I’ve eradicated all signs of pizza, I can have a new, fresh start tomorrow and get back on the horse.