90 Day Cleanse

Days 36-42: How To Eat At Restaurants on the Candida Diet

Well. I missed quite a few days in here — basically, this recap’s a week long. But all good. The main thing that’s been tough for me is that my skin has been terrible the past few days. Not sure what’s happening or what’s causing it. I took a break from the Chinese herb pills again this past weekend to see if it would do anything, but not sure.

I’ve been having trouble getting enough sleep still, and that part has been tough. But otherwise, everything’s been OK. Have been getting more creative with fun meals.

Here are some highlights:


Poke-inspired salmon bowl

This was girlfriend’s idea — super yummy. Would eat this a million times over. Salmon with sea veggies, chopped red cabbage, cauliflower rice seasoned with yuzu, coconut aminos, lime, S&P and a healthy dose of avo.

Buffalo cauliflower + pesto zucchini noodles + steelhead

A little food combining faux pas… the cauliflower definitely had almond (nuts + animal protein no go). But otherwise all compliant ingredients. The buffalo cauliflower was an experiment — looked up a recipe online and basically rolled some chopped up cauliflower in egg + almond flour, baked it at 450 for 30-40 min or so (whenever it was brown), then rolled in Frank’s Hot Sauce, ghee, and a little more almond flour, and rebaked it. Girlfriend was super obsessed with it. She made zucchini noodles and cooked with some vegan cheese (oh yeah, second oops…), garlic, and onion, and we topped with some pesto from the farmer’s market. + pan-fried steelhead. Yummers.

The rest of it was really just leftover city (the chicken that kept giving from BOA) + more salads + eggs. And lotsa avo.

Meals Out

Had some pretty tasty meals out as well. Here’s a run-down of the candida-approved options:

BOA Steakhouse

WOW. This was the best meal we had in a long time. Girlfriend was OBSESSED. We had dinner at a friend’s house and they ordered in delivery (big thank you here!). It was seriously a feast. I didn’t take pictures of everything because I didn’t want to be that person but at least took a pic of my plate.

Incredible super tender steak, broccoli mash, sea bass, brussels sprouts with bacon, scallops, salmon, crab… oh my. There was also some truffle gnocchi with cream sauce + crab that girlfriend tried me to eat a bite of, but I resisted. And also some kind of flaky pastry cheese thing that I also avoided. Otherwise, my friends are happily keto and they got mostly meat and veg. WIN!

Soho House West Hollywood

Also a really nice meal out, but harder to find compliant things to eat. The best compliant things were salmon + spinach, brussels sprouts, guac + crudite. There was a poke bowl as well that I had a few bites of (but soy sauce). And there was an AMAZING yellow curry. I’m sure that wasn’t compliant, but I told myself it was probably OK. There were green peas and potatoes (was hoping they were red potatoes, but probably not…). And I was still really hungry so made do.

Janga by Derrick’s

This was one of the healthiest feeling and tastiest meals — oxtail with sauce (the sauce was INCREDIBLE), blackened tilapia, and garlic butter salmon + greens + red potato mash + okra. Not sure if the okra was compliant, but I just had a few bites… I’m definitely slacking a little.

How’d I Do?

Rating: 6/10

Mostly OK. Food combining flubs but puttering along. It’s becoming pretty easy, except for when my friends want to eat ethnic food… really anything Indian, tacos, or Japanese are all off-limits. I’m wondering when I can start to reintroduce some of these things. I do miss it. Especially Ethiopian food. Legumes….Le sigh.