90 Day Cleanse

Days 34-35: How To Prep For A Weekend Out

I took a break from the Chinese herbs over the weekend knowing that we had a big weekend planned (I had a research study, we were planning on going to a meditation center, cleaning the house/reorganizing, coffee + BBQ with friends). If the herbs were making me feel down, I definitely wanted to take a break and try to get back to a better headspace and also not feel so damn EXHAUSTED.

And hey, it worked! The only thing that was really tough was on Sunday when I decided to make a smoothie and got a little heavy-handed with the bee pollen. I really love bee pollen and I know it’s supposed to have lot of great benefits (good for allergies, high in protein), but for whatever reason, it wreaks havoc on my stomach if I overdo it. Kind of like chia seeds. A spoonful or two, great. More than that… watch out!

Otherwise, we planned ahead really well and cooked almost exclusively at home, except for Sunday night BBQ, where we brought a salad I could eat. It helps a lot to bring food I know I can eat to assuage a little bit of the food anxiety around, “will there be something I can eat?” As it turns out, on Sunday night, there was really nothing for me except some chicken, so felt super good about having come prepared.



Girlfriend surprised me by making some delicious little truffle potatoes. We made some eggs to go along, which are not technically compliant together (red potatoes = starchy veg, not supposed to have with animal protein). It was so sweet that she made the little potatoes because she knew how much I love potatoes…so I ate them anyway.


Roasted lots of yummy things for dins: spaghetti squash, curry cauliflower, broccoli. + made a little salad on the side and girlfriend pan-fried some ocean trout. We made enough for tons of leftovers, which we continued eating for days after (awesome!). I also made some soup in the Insta-Pot with all the leftover stalks (broccoli, fennel), put in a can of coconut milk and seasoned with coconut aminos, curry, coriander, coriander seeds, S&P. REALLY FREAKING GOOD. So good that girlfriend wanted me to write down the recipe (which sadly doesn’t exist anywhere except my brain, and barely even there).


Today we went to meet girlfriend’s friend for coffee in West Hollywood. We came well prepared though and packed brunch to take with us (by we, I really just mean her. I’m not going to pretend to take any credit for this venture. Eggs + chard, avo, bacon. I didn’t eat the toast 🙂 We ended up finding a little shady spot to sit and picnic.

Got a matcha with unsweetened almond milk at Alfred’s to sip on while we strolled around the farmer’s market. I cheated and had a sip of girlfriend’s matcha that had oat milk. There are worse sins out there…


Made a yummy smoothie with coconut smoothie (meat + water), spirulina, chlorella, cinnamon, monkfruit, almond butter. AND THEN I FUCKED UP…. By going hogwild with the bee pollen. Bee pollen is so tasty and has beautiful texture…so I kept adding more. And more. And then had a HORRIBLE stomachache and literally lay down in bed for 30 minutes before going to the BBQ at her friends and took a couple ginger pills.


Went to girlfriend’s friend’s house — fabulous gay couple — that made THE. MOST. AMAZING. BBQ chicken. I’m going to have to get his recipe… Otherwise, the sides were kind of typical BBQ food and really nothing I could eat (pasta salad, reg salad with cheese), so I was super happy that we brought the salad. Amazing salad with some fennel, avo, onion, olive oil, S&P, lime…super simple but satisfying.

How’d I Do?

Rating: 8/10

Honestly, not bad at all. Major flub was really just the oat milk, and the food combining with the potatoes. But I ain’t mad. Ain’t mad at all. And also was just happy to not be depressed anymore. Good mental health days are always a win.