90 Day Cleanse

Day 18: Bitches Aren’t The Only Thing That Are Basic…

Yeah. My vagina is BASIC as well (you’re welcome for that dad joke). I discovered that it’s not yeast this time. It’s actually bacterial vaginosis. How do I know this? Because I tested my vagina with a pH test, and my vaginal pH was elevated (3.5-4.5 is normal pH), and I tested at a 5, which is abnormal.

Abnormal. Fuck.

It’s honestly only BARELY abnormal, but enough so that I definitely can feel it. With a yeast infection, pH is usually in the normal range. Elevated vaginal pH is a telltale sign for BV. More on this later.


Tigernuts have been my go-to breakfast lately. Helps me keep working and stave off the hunger until a more substantial lunch. Very filling, because they’re full of fiber.


Ah, leftovers. The absolute best. Basically just reheated the leftovers from last night in a pain. Presto chango luncho. Quinoa, rosemary carrots, red potatoes, and broccoli. Tossed in some kale for good measure.


Welp, I meant for this snack to actually be dinner. But ended up ordering dinner anyway. Stirfried some bok choy with garlic in coconut oil (delicious!), and made some quinoa in bone broth. Also roasted some cauliflower, but ended up not having time to eat it because was running out the door to make it to dinner in time.


We went to Soho Warehouse in DTLA for dinner, and there were actually a lot of compliant options. Got lamb chops with side salad + a salmon dish with greens + some ceviche. Ceviche had tomatoes and peppers, but picked around it, and salmon had a yogurt sauce which I scraped off/ignored. Really yummy 🙂

How’d I Do?

Rating: 7/10

Hard to have a really high rating when I’m eating out, but all things considered I think I did pretty freaking well. I ended up giving my gf most of the lambchops, and stuck to mostly the veggies and seafood, which I think is prob easier on my digestive system. Continuing to try to manage my angry vagina. Work in progress for sure.