90 Day Cleanse

Day 15: Brazilian Food & A Case of the Mondays

Man. I learn the lesson over and over again that sleep is almost the most important thing there is for my mood, sanity, and productivity. I got 7 hours of sleep, which might be enough for a normal human, but for whatever reason, I was exhausted all day. Slept later than usual and woke up later, so didn’t even have as much time to exercise as normal and did only some very light yoga. Definitely felt a heavy case of the Mondays.

Drank some matcha with lion’s mane (adaptogen helping with focus) and it really didn’t seem to have an effect. Took some BLIXR as well (natural nootropic), and nada.


My girlfriend is basically a fucking dreamboat and surprised me with this compliant breakfast while I was super busy working. I honestly wasn’t even really hungry until noon, but picked at it then. Also felt kind of nauseous all day, which I attribute to the lack of sleep.


Insta Pot soup, the gift that keeps giving. Was slammed with calls for work and exhausted all day, so being able to just microwave some soup and have a ready-to-go meal was a godsend. Same soup from days ago. I actually froze some of it as well so I’ll have it ready as an emergency meal in the future as well. Thinking ahead! Had some seed crackers to go along as well that made it feel more satiating.

Not even a great picture, but I just keep posting it again and again because in the moment of desperation that I’m eating this, I never feel like I want to spend time taking a pretty picture.


Alas, soup will only get you so far. Around 5 PM I was starving and knew I needed a little pre-dinner pick-me-up. Ate an avo + seed cracker snack again. And then realized that the seed crackers I’ve been loving have SESAME seeds. Drat. Honestly, I’m going to finish out the bag and then just not buy them again. Womp womp.

Exactly the same pic because exactly the same snack šŸ™‚


OK this is where it got fun! Had my boss and one of our business partners over for an al fresco, socially distant dinner. Ordered in food from Bossa Nova, a delicious Brazilian steakhouse chain. It was my first time ordering from there, but was browsing UberEats to see what seemed compliant and this seemed like it would fit the bill. As a side note — when you take the responsibility of ordering for the group, you also get to make sure that the choices made are COMPLIANT! The bonuses of taking on more responsibility šŸ™‚

I ordered a bunch of different things for the group, mostly meats, fish, salad, and roasted veggies. This was our order, if anyone’s curious:

And the money shot here! I got sea bass and roasted veg. Flubbed a little bit with sweet potatoes and beets in terms of starchy veggies, but otherwise this was A-OK.
Sea bass, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and some beets and sweet potatoes (oops). It comes with yucca flour as well, which I passed on.

How’d I Do?

Rating: 7/10

I’m arbitrarily giving myself a higher rating. Honestly, today was a struggle in terms of just getting through, and I’m proud of myself for staying compliant through it. It’s a shift in mindset really — I’ve stopped really seeing other options as being possible. It almost doesn’t occur to me to eat non-compliant things, because I’m now getting in the habit of only buying compliant things (obviously still slipping occasionally with the starchy vegetables, seeds, soy, and food combining).