90 Day Cleanse

Day 14: Drumroll Please…Week 2 Is In the Books!

Whoohoo! Successfully completed week 2 of the cleanse. Definitely feeling some forward moving momentum, which feels great. Complying with the diet has been easier and easier. I still struggle sometimes with the nightshades, sesame seeds, soy, and some of the starchy veg situations, but overall I’m doing much better. In my mind, I just think of it as meat, eggs, vegetables, and seeds. And that’s basically how I explain it to other people, which seems to go over reasonably well.


It’s crazy how just having a piece of meat all of a sudden makes a meal (at least to me) feel faaaancy. I flubbed a little on this one because I realized later seeds/nuts with animal protein is a no-no, but otherwise this was a compliant and super delicious meal.

Pan-fried salmon with S&P done in butter, on a bed of mixed greens, sliced carrots, sauerkraut, sliced almonds. With a leetle lemon on the side.


My lunch was surprisingly not filling for too long… ended up getting ravenous around 5 PM and was planning on going on a hike so ate a quick snack to tide me over and prevent me from eating my own face.

Makeshift avo toast w/ a seed cracker. Just avo + S&P on a cracker. Simple, delicious, and satiating. Bravo, self. Bravo.


Poke 2x in a week, what a treat! Was with a friend who wanted to get poke bowls and sit by the beach. Got more or less the same thing as last time, tried to keep the sauce more compliant this time, but flubbed on the sesame seeds. Getting closer every day, though! Poke bowls at sunset, not much better. It feels less and less like I’m making sacrifices, which makes this whole thing feel more sustainable.

Poke bowl with ahi tuna, jicama, avocado, cilantro, cucumbers, macadamia nuts, kale, and kelp noodle slow (kelp noodles + carrots).

How’d I Do?

Rating: 6.5/10

Small food combining flubs and ate sesame seeds 2x which I know is a no-no, but otherwise all good. Had tons of energy and felt great. Looking forward to kicking off week 3 with a bang!