90 Day Cleanse

Day 12: How to Stay Compliant: Just Eat a Little Less

Oh man. You know it’s been a good weekend when it’s Sunday and you’re 2 days behind on the blog. Honestly, I have no real regrets about lagging behind — I was fully present, not in front of a computer, and enjoying life. But, now, the other shoe’s dropping!

It was glorious to have Friday off. Lazy, easy day. Got going late, finally made some food around noon. It’s not atypical for me to eat just 2x on non-work days because I end up starting out so late.


I’m definitely a creature of habit, and definitely excited about the bacon and avo. I could probably eat bacon, avocado, eggs, and kale every day for most of the rest of the days of my life. This time, I mixed it up by topping it with a little sauerkraut. Delish.


Went over to a friend’s place around 2 PM and ended up hanging out and staying until 9 PM. Somewhere in there, started getting reaaally hungry. At first ate an avocado and thought that would be a good enough snack, but soon realized it wasn’t going to cut it. Ended up ordering in from Sweetfin (delicious poke!). We got 3 different bowls between the two of us. I flubbed on taking pics here (feels v awk), so I’ll just tell you what we ate:

The Keto Bowl: Salmon, Avocado, Cucumber, Jicama, Kale, Cilantro, Creamy Togarashi Sauce, Macadamia Nuts. Base: Cauliflower Rice

The Superfood Bowl: Yellowfin Tuna, Avocado, Kale, Shimeji Mushrooms, Carrots, Fresh Ginger, Seaweed Salad, Black Garlic, Gochujang Sauce. Base: Cauliflower rice

Truffled Yuzu Albacore: Yuzu kosho sauce, white truffle oil, avocado, shimeji mushrooms, fresh ginger, daikon sprouts. Base: Kelp Noodles

They were all SUPER DELICIOUS. My faves were the keto and yuzu salmon bowl. I think it was mostly compliant except for the sauces (definite flub there). I felt a little awkward about being even stricter after having already prefaced our ordering saying, “Hey, so, I’m on this weird diet…” And my friend very kindly responding by saying, “Hey why don’t you just order for us.”

Here’s a beautiful picture of Sweetfin food that I absolutely did not take (their pic 100%).


Ended up still a little hungry even after all the bowls around 11 PM and ate some almonds. Not the most eventful.

How’d I Do?

Rating: 6.5/10

As it turns out, not eating a meal makes complying with a diet way easier. Who would’ve thought? The sauce issue when eating out is definitely tricky. No big flubs aside from the sauce (not even any legumes this time!). My energy levels were also great all day until around 9 PM (which seems like a pretty reasonable time to get tired).