90 Day Cleanse

Day 9: Fatigue and Hormonal Acne: What’s Happening To Me?

Remember how I thought my skin was clearing up at the beginning of this and felt GREAT? Well, not so much anymore. Candida die-off is REAL and I am STRUGGLING. Happily, not feeling as depressed today, just tired.


Mixed it up a little bit with every Californian’s fave….AVOCADO! Plus, spinach instead of kale. Otherwise, eggs, onions, cooked in ghee, S&P, red pepper, nutritional yeast. The usual. Ya know. But the avo makes it FANCY šŸ™‚ Or at least that’s how it feels…and I’ll take it!


YAY so I mixed things up a little here. Realized I had some leeks and frozen cauliflower rice, so chopped up the leeks with some garlic, tossed some bone broth in the cauliflower rice, and topped off with some spinach. Cooked it in coconut aminos and (this might be a flub), rice vinegar, S&P, and a tiny cheat bit of tamari (it was getting really sweet from the coconut aminos). Actually ended up being pretty tasty and unique!

Snack 1

This was not utterly compliant (palm oil, eek), but I was desperate for a snack! I love water lily seeds (a healthy alternative to popcorn that’s full of protein and lower in carbs, originally from India) and usually eat them pretty often. These were made by Taali Foods and are baked (but with palm oil). I have tried brands that are made with coconut oil in the past (Eat Makhana), and may buy some more to have some compliant snacks around. If this works out, it will be a really nice snack to scratch the salty crunchy itch šŸ™‚

Snacks 2 and 3

Was feeling super depleted all day and exhausted. Took a 30 min rest and was looking for options to perk up. Ate a handful of raw almonds, a couple of spoonfuls of Coconut Cult (probiotic coconut yogurt) and a leftover coconut smoothie from TJ’s (coconut meat and coconut water, 8g of sugar, had about half of it). I’m always a little iffy on the coconut since I know there’s a lot of sugar, but from what I’ve read, coconut has a lot of antifungal properties. And whaddya know, I did feel a little better! Wondering if it’s the sugar, the electrolytes, fat, or some combination of it all? I’ve been doing some research on candida die-off and how to combat the fatigue I’m feeling.

How’d I Do?

Rating: 7/10

Today went OK overall, a little bit of cheating with the palm oil in the lily seeds and the tamari/rice vinegar, but otherwise felt pretty compliant. I am feeling the struggle though, mostly with the fatigue. Oddly enough, I do seem to get a second wind towards the end of the day (writing this post at 8:48 PM and feeling fairly energized). Also, this may be TMI (but what the heck, this whole blog is TMI essentially), but am seeing undigested quinoa in my šŸ’©,. Talked to my gf Joce about it and she mentioned that undigested food in your šŸ’© is definitely a sign of gut health issues. I’ve also lost a bit of weight (I’m down 6 lbs from where I normally am), probably from cutting out all the carbs. Going to continue doing some research on fatigue caused by die-off. Did a little bit of research and found that the detox is pretty taxing on my liver, which could explain the acne around the liver points.