90 Day Cleanse

Day 8: Chinese Face Mapping: Why Am I Breaking Out?

Week 2 Day 1 LEGGO!!! OK, despite the enthusiasm right there, yesterday (this post was written on 6/30/20, day 9), was SO hard for me. I felt depleted and exhausted ALL. DAMN. DAY. I also felt kind of depressed and down, and really struggled to get through the day. By the end of the day, I felt a little better having seen my friends, but felt too tired to even do more work on the blog. I also am breaking out like crazy on the liver points (in between eyebrows cc Chinese Face Mapping — more on that later). So here we are today!


Another tigernut pancake kinda day. I keep trying to push the pancake agenda, but again, there’s that gnarly binding/leavening without getting gummy issue. Honestly, this pancake tasted a lot better, but it looked like a TURD. The only real modification was I put less chia/coconut mix in it. Anyway, I ain’t mad. It was delicious AND satisfying. Turd for the win!

Sad pancake that looked like a turd but tasted quite nice. Still a win!


Man oh man, I was struggling today. I didn’t even really feel motivated to eat, but felt like I needed to do something around 1 PM or so. I made the usual eggs/onions/zucchini/kale situation, but added a bunch of tarragon. Which honestly (sadly) spoiled the whole thing, because it made the whole thing taste like grass.


I actually put some brussels in the oven after lunch and let them just kind of hang out there. And so when I got home from my beach walk around 8ish PM, I made some quinoa in chicken broth, cut some garlic, sauteed it in coconut oil and stuck some kale in. Once that cooked down, I added the already cooked brussels sprouts. This was pretty freaking delicious! But not as photogenic… the at-dinner photos definitely don’t have as nice of light, but my stomach definitely did not give a fuuuck.

Also, WTF is up with my skin?

Yeah, my skin is NOT happy with me right now — I’m experiencing mad breakouts in between my eyebrows. I don’t know if I’m just detoxing or my liver is screaming at me after that burger last night. Or a mix of the two? I took liver detox pills in an effort to flush out toxins and give some extra TLC to my liver. Also, why liver? Because I’m experiencing breakouts right in between my eyebrows. I follow Chinese face mapping (for better or worse), which indicates that breakouts in different areas of your face are a sign of imbalance in different areas (liver, hormones, respiratory, etc.).

I did not create the image, it came from Healthline. Check out the full article if you’re curious about face mapping!

How’d I Do?

Rating: 9/10

Super freaking compliant day! Surprising because again today was SUCH a struggle. I felt exhausted and DONE all day. Definitely a case of the Monday’s + candida die-off. I’m proud of myself for successfully struggling through and staying on track despite the resistance. Leggo Week 2!