90 Day Cleanse

Day 7: Ravenous Hunger: Eating Like A Feral Animal

Oh man. I let myself get WAY too hungry today and…paid for it.


So I REALLY wanted pancakes today. I had not-so-successfully attempted tigernut pancakes (sans eggs) a few days ago and used way too much ground flax and ended up with some pretty gummy, chewy pancakes. That I scarfed down anyway *shrug*. I thought I would try and see if I could do better this time (and for god’s sake, it was noon by the time I was cooking so I needed to make something). Made these bad boys with a spoonful (JUST A SPOONFUL this time) of the chia seed pudding (chia seeds + coconut milk), tigernut flour, a little filtered water, cinnamon, salt, baking powder, and vanilla extract. I think it really needs both a binding and leavening agent (eggs do this beautifully typically). I’m not sure if there’s a compliant way to do this though… and honestly, it still tasted more or less fine. Not something I would make if I was cooking for anyone else, but for me, it was A-OK.

I was honestly concerned (rightfully so) about the structural integrity of the pancake and whether or not it would completely fall apart when I tried to remove it from the pan. So here it is, still in the pan. Tasty even if texturally all wrong.


My weekend M.O. seems to be IDGAF pretty much. I essentially just ate my leftovers from last night. Ain’t no thang about it. And they were delicious. I also got extra lazy and didn’t even bother to take a new photo….because it was exactly the same meal. Here it is again for posterity.


So here’s where things got a little tricky. I went on a hike around 4:30 PM and got back around 8ish. Again, STARVING. Was at the point of such low blood sugar that I could feel myself getting a headache and physically feeling faint. Part of this could also be due to the fact that I hauled some ASS on this hike — 9 miles, 900+ calories, 2.5 hours of crushing the trail. That did also completely wipe me out.

Here is the Whoop evidence around the hauling of said ass. P.S. I’m writing this in the retrospective and definitely feeling the burn of said ass.

On the car ride home, I had a little packet of raw almond butter, my only compliant snack. We picked up dinner at the Window in Venice. Ended up being as compliant as it could be, although I know meat at night is a no-no, and the ratio of meat to veg was off. Was ravenous at this point and barely a human, more like a feral animal that basically just inhaled the food. It’s a miracle I paused long enough to take a picture.

Beef burger with onions on kale, broccoli, carrots, and I think some other pickled veg and two soft boiled eggs. Plus a bunch of tasty guac! This bowl comes with rice, but I threw out the rice.

How’d I Do?

Rating: 7/10

Honestly, I ate pretty compliant things today. The ratio may have been off, but all in all, pretty compliant. Could have eaten more veggies, could have planned a little better, and not been a starving animal by the end of the day, but whelp whelp. My first weekend on the cleanse is IN. THE. BOOKS. Made it through Week 1!