90 Day Cleanse

Day 4: Ducking and Dodging In a Restaurant Minefield

OK wanted to start this post with a big THANK YOU! I shared a post on FB and story on Insta today about my struggle with yeast infections and context on why I’m doing this blog and was honestly met with SO. MUCH. SUPPORT. It really made me feel like the work I’m doing here will be meaningful for not just me, but hopefully a lot of other people out there too.

The first half of this day was a little tough. I woke up with a headache and feeling super BLAH. It picked up towards the end though, and by the end of the day was feeling super energized. And then, well….I pretty much bombed (you can skip ahead to the end if you want to hear what happened).


The standard doo-dah. Eggs, zukes, kale. Added in some spinach. Same seasoning sitch. Tasty and satisfying, but nothing really to write home about.


Seems almost silly to call this lunch because I did eat it at 5 PM, but c’est la vie. This was actually my attempt at mixing it up a little bit since I did cook different veggies. Some brussels sprouts and carrots, tossed up in some ghee and the same seasoning as before (nutritional yeast, S&P, red pepper, ACV, lil coconut aminos). Delicious but honestly a few casualties that got burned (always a small tragedy). They also cooked unevenly so I made multiple trips back to the oven to get the ones that were already done. I was also starving by the time I was eating this, so don’t have a full bowl/plate pic to show you… just close ups of the goods.

Carrots yummy carrots! I actually ended up eating a bunch of these raw as I was cutting them because I was so hungry.
There’s really nothing like a good crispy brussel. Mmm.

Dinner (confession time)

OK well this where I really f’d up. And I really didn’t mean to. I swear, I tried to be careful. But my body told me (and is still telling me) very clearly that I was NOT careful enough. I went to dinner with a friend at Gjelina tonight. I had checked the menu ahead of time to make sure there were things that looked OK to eat (I had already told myself I would let the only coconut oil/ghee/butter thing go for eating out) and it seemed to check out.

There were also very few places actually open for dine-in service due to COVID (crazy times we live in…), because my first pick had been Cafe Gratitude (a local trendy vegan restaurant that felt much more candida-compliant, despite the prevalence of legumes in vegan cooking) which turned out to only be open for take-out. The atmosphere was lovely, the food was spectacularly delicious (especially after eating practically only my own, relatively unimaginative cooking for months and particularly uncreative over the past few days on the cleanse) and full of unfamiliar but delightful flavors (this should have been a clue that there would be digestive distress to come).

I started to feel a stomachache come on towards the end of dinner and started feeling really bloated. By the time I was walking to my car, it was painful to even walk. I took myself to Erewhon (the resident fancy health food market) and splurged on some ridiculously expensive $20 Coconut Cult and justified it as being a necessary probiotic in this moment of dire need (25B CFUs per 2 tbsp, with 16 probiotic strains). Limped back to the car and got home, cracked open the yogurt, took some probiotic pills (the Sachromyces Boullardii), Pau de Arco, and some Super Cleanse & Liver Detox pills my mom sent me from Costco.

As I type this, I’m finally starting to not panic as much and settling down, although my stomach is still hurting and I’m terribly bloated.

That being said…it was a truly delectable meal and a welcome departure from the usual COVID/candida cleanse routine.

I probably will NOT be repeating this adventure, but time will tell whether or not the pain was worth it.

Pics below. Clear change in picture quality as the lighting changed, but hey, I’m a candida crusader, not a food photographer 🙂

Salmon carpaccio + shishito peppers w/ black garlic sauce (no idea what was in the sauce but probably not compliant. And remembered after ordering that the peppers are also a no-no).
I should have known this guy was trouble! Shucked street corn floating in tons of fermented butter. Both corn and butter are OK but I feel like generally these type of things are a stomachache waiting to happen because they’re so heavy.
Bok choy plus (I think) onions. Don’t remember the sauce but it was SOOO delicious. Wish I could find the menu online but I think it’s a seasonal menu so not avail.
I have no idea what they put on this cauliflower…I feel like they marinated it in crack, it was so good. That being said, each piece WAS dripping in oil and I internally grimaced a little at that.

Vegan pozole with mushrooms, with those tasty big pieces of corn that are kind of chewy and super satisfying. Some bell peppers and jalapeños in there which I DID eat around.

How’d I Do?

Rating: 2/10

Did pretty well all freaking day and then bombed at EOD. And to be fair, I did try to be compliant, even though I obviously wasn’t successful (I originally gave myself a 1/10 and then added an extra point for effort and good intentions). Will keep ya posted on how I feel tomorrow morning — am hopeful I’m able to debloat tonight (is that how that works?). But we’ll see….