90 Day Cleanse

Day 3: Anxiety That’s Eating Me Up Inside

I took this video not even halfway through the day and just at 1 meal, but thought this was worth sharing…. watch if you’re curious about the crazy anxiety that kind of hit me out of nowhere last night and continued on to this morning.

Phew! Day 3 is finally in the books. This has been the hardest day yet…and it’s only Day 3. Eek. Thankfully, today, at the end of the day, I’m feeling A LOT better. I felt a lot of feelings today. Anxious af, kind of tired at times, got the chills/goosebumps throughout the day and felt slightly nauseous. This die-off thing is no joke!

Honestly, even starting the day was tough. I do a workout almost every morning (thanks to Kalli Gilmer, the Power Tone queen— check out her yoga-inspired HIIT workouts if you want to get your ass handed to you) and had to really psych myself up for this one and just keep pushing through. Took a cold shower at the end too to keep psyching myself up to do hard things that I don’t necessarily want to (at least in the moment when I’m trying to do them). I find that the positive momentum of accomplishing something challenging, even if it’s small, builds upon itself and helps keep me going.

After working out, I did feel more energized and made some breakfast.


Did the same doo-dah as yesterday (eggs + kale + onions + nutritional yeast + coconut aminos + pepper + red pepper) with one KEY addition…BACON. Oh, sweet bacon. How you make everything taste better that you touch. If I had to be a food, perhaps I would choose bacon. Who wouldn’t want to be something that makes everything around it better? …And maybe I’ve lost it now. Going, going, gone… Let’s blame the candida, shall we?

Eggs, kale, and onions with BACON. Everything is better cooked in bacon fat. Yum yum yum.


OK, so I was really proud of myself for the VISION of this lunch. And it did look quite pretty, for a meal photographed by a non-Instagram filter savvy person like myself. Pan-fried salmon, onions, and broccoli in ghee and coconut oil with S&P. That being said…don’t believe everything you see! The water in my house was getting cut off in the middle of this (broken valve issue) and so I was desperately trying to wash my fishy-ass hands with half-full water bottles and small amounts of water left in the sinks. Not the best. Burned some of the broccoli in the process. It always makes me really sad to waste food. I also somewhat neglected the salmon and it was definitely raw a little so I (don’t tear me a new one for this) …microwaved it for a minute. Honestly, it tasted fine but did smell a little fishy so I soaked it in a ton of ACV and lemon. But at this point I was kind of freaking out about the salmon and didn’t even finish it. But felt guilty throwing it out, so…

Is that pretty, or pretty? Amirite or amirite? Ha ok well honestly all the non-meat parts were better because I undercooked the fish. But the vision I had for this meal manifested itself OK otherwise. Would try again. With more time and running water.

Post-Lunch Snack

So, I put the leftover salmon in the post-lunch snack. And yeah, you could argue this snack was a true meal. But I honestly was still so hungry after the lunch. The theme for this day was being hungry all day..having this insatiable hunger no matter what I ate. And desperately wanting to eat some kind of carb. Comfort eating to eat away my feelings was definitely on the brain today. I truly believe it’s the candida talking. Those little suckers want to be fed tasty carbs and sugar so that they can continue to survive. Not a chance!

I’m proud to say that I successfully resisted the siren call of the comfort food. I was THIS close to making some Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi (not compliant because of the cassava flour and olive oil. I did look it up).

Anyway, this snack was basically just a bunch of salad with little bits of salmon, with some MCT oil/nutritional yeast/coconut aminos/ACV dressing. And I didn’t finish all the salmon in the end, either, because I wasn’t 100% sure if some of it was still perhaps not completely cooked (or maybe that’s just how it’s supposed to look?). Anyway, it went in the trash. Sad day. I was also sad because I realized that because I had put animal protein in the meal, that meant I couldn’t have any tasty grains or nuts/seeds (acc to the rules of food combining), which usually makes salads more exciting (gotta have a fat in with the greens to make it satisfying, in my book!). I think meat may not even be worth it going forward if it’s not bacon. TBD.

Sad salad with leftover salmon and no nuts/seeds. Not bad tasting but definitely uninspired.


OK so the earlier meal I actually kind of meant to be dinner, but by the time 6 o’clock rolled around, I was so hungry (AGAIN!). I also knew I was going to be exposed to more tempting food (went over to a friend’s house where she was making a delicious Korean dinner with gochujang and those little Korean rice cakes that I can’t spell properly). So, I sautéed some bokchoy with coconut aminos and bone broth and put the leftover quinoa from last night on it. This was a WIN. Bone broth is something I’m definitely going to be buying more of. Bokchoy, too. This meal was quick, easy, and SATISFYING. Boo-yah.


So… I got home from my friend date where I watched my friend eat and salivated over her food and ended up feeling hungry again (that’s right, yet again). So I munched on a bunch of these bad boys: tiger nuts. I really truly love these little guys. They are technically not even a nut, a “tuber” and root vegetable. They are actually very anti-inflammatory, high in fiber, and candida-approved even though they do have some sugar (6g sugar/oz).

I am also feeling kind of desperate to find approved snacks because I LOVE snacks and all of my usual suspects are out of the running… Carrots and hummus, out (hummus is chickpeas + prob non-compliant oil). Made in Nature Veggie Pops which I adore… out because of the chickpeas again and sunflower seeds. Even seaweed snacks are out because of the sunflower oil. My fave Ancient Provisions crackers (like dairy-free Cheez Its. I crush 4 bags at a time) made with prebiotic green banana flour are out too because of the sunflower oil. Damn all these oils! I’m more conscious of all the different oils in everything now than ever. It is really forcing me to eat more whole food than ever, which is a positive trend.

Yummy yummy tigernuts. So satisfying. Chewy and slightly sweet and filling. They may not be good for you in the quantity that I ate them in, though. I did finish the bag…

EOD Video

Realized that I flubbed a little saying 80/20/10 which obviously does not sum to 100. I believe it’s 80% leafy greens with 20% starchy vegetables/starch like things as in nuts/seeds/grains. If you add in the fermented food, it becomes 80 leafy greens/10 starchy things/10 fermented foods. So a little off there, my bad!

How’d I Do?

Rating: 9/10

I’m actually going to give myself a break and pat self on back for a job well done. Today was a tough day, but I made it through, resisted temptation, and ended the day better than I started. I was compliant except for the residual Everything but the Bagel seasoning on the salmon + some bone broth with quinoa again (I somehow feel like this is OK… I’m going to do some investigating and see if it is. I feel like bone broth is so gut-friendly and not digested like true animal protein, so it should be compliant? Maybe I’m just making excuses). In any case…onward and upward!

I’m excited to start exploring some soup options, and already have plans for new things I’ll buy at the grocery store (red potatoes, butternut squash, cauliflower, ginger, more bacon (clearly)) that I think will add more pizzazz.

Ready for Day 4. Let’s do this!