90 Day Cleanse

Day 2: Learning Food Combining – Is Mug Cake A Cheat?

Definitely not the cutest video of my life…rocking my blue light blocking glasses but feeling pretty good! High energy and day 2 in the books. Yeeeeeyuh.

Oooiee. Day 2 in the books and this time I’m actually writing it on Day 2. We’re making progress! I realized today about the Everything but the Bagel seasoning not being compliant, but I think otherwise made good decisions.


OK so this may look eerily familiar to yesterday’s breakfast…and that’s because it’s pretty much exactly the same. Remember, creature of habit? But hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This was pretty filling as well and tided me over from 11 AM or so (when I made it) until 3 PM or so.

Same doo-dah here but very delicious. Onions, eggs, kale, avo. Fin.


Was pretty starving by 3 PM and actually made the following while on a call. Generated a little bit of smoke. Pan-fried some wild salmon with lemon, Everything but the Bagel seasoning, salt, ACV. Thought that there probably needed to be something to go along with the salmon, so dumped a bunch of salad greens into a bowl, same shredded carrots, hemp seeds, and made a dressing with MCT oil, nutritional yeast, coconut aminos, ACV, salt, pepper.


This was a bit of an emergency running-out-the-door dinner — was finishing up a work call and running late to meet a friend. Just cooked some kale in ghee and put some leftover quinoa from last night in it and topped with a few hemp seeds. Salt, pepper, nutritional yeast, coconut aminos (yeah, gotta mix this up tomorrow somehow…). Tasty, but not as good as yesterday night. The food knew it was a second priority and perhaps wasn’t feeling the love…

Dessert (say what?!)

Yeah..I forgot to mention that I did make a mug cake as well. Which I almost didn’t want to admit but in the spirit of transparency I am. That being said, it had all candida compliant ingredients, so I think it’s actually OK — almond flour, cacao, monkfruit, salt, baking powder, egg, MCT oil. Unfortunately, I was optimizing for taste and speed (another 9 PM food adventure), rather than aesthetics. And by the time of this writing, all that’s left is an empty mug (sorry I’m not sorry!).

EDIT** OK. So I failed on this one. I flubbed on the food combining — apparently seeds/nuts/grains only with nonstarchy vegetables and ocean veggies. AKA…NOT eggs. Whoops! Will do better tomorrow. I got all excited about this for a second because I thought I could eat my tigernut pancakes again.. whelp whelp.

How’d I Do?

Rating: 8/10 6/10 (edited to reflect mug cake flop)

I think I overall did really well (except for the mug cake flop)! I ate almost entirely compliant ingredients and resisted taking a bite of my friend’s fried rice and tofu dish. It smelled incredible and was actually also my first time at a restaurant since March of this year, but I stayed strong (proud of that!). It also helped that I ate right before, so I wasn’t starving.

I am feeling pretty good overall, no crazy symptoms except for very slightly queasy. Happily not really gassy today (good for everyone, HA). Ready and pumped for Day 3!