90 Day Cleanse

Day 1: The Adventure Begins

Here’s a video of me talking about Day 1. I felt so awkward talking to the camera (this freeze frame is also not the best) and you can see all my zits (I’m getting my period soon), but I was encouraged to do this by a good friend who’s better at website and content than I am. And well, we’ll see how it goes.

Oh man, I’m actually writing this on Day 2 – I’m already having trouble keeping up. I was pretty proud of myself yesterday. Felt OK overall but honestly a little gassy… and SO IT BEGINS. It was a shift for me figuring out what to eat for breakfast, since I usually make tigernut pancakes, and I am a bit of a creature of habit. But I chopped up some onions, and stirfried them in some coconut oil, nutritional yeast, a little coconut aminos, and some pepper, added kale, and eggs. Topped with a little avo and it was DELISH.


Here’s a pic:

Eggs with onions, kale, seasoned with nutritional yeast, salt, pepper, coconut aminos, and red pepper (allowed? not sure). Topped with some avo.

Pretty quick and easy. Off to a reasonable start.


Rest of the day seems A-OK as well for a while, make a salad a few hours later which is pretty light even with all the hemp seeds and sliced almonds I put in it. I also realized I totally f’d up on the dressing because I used Trader Joes’ Green Goddess dressing which is candida compliant except for having olive oil. Shit. Well…onward and upward!

I concurrently roast some cauliflower with coconut oil, coconut aminos, and nutritional yeast. Seeing a theme here yet? I’m going to have to figure out some other seasoning options or this is going to get old VERY QUICKLY. Happily, the roasted cauliflower does add some much-needed pizzaz to the salad.

Mixed green salad with shredded carrots, sliced zucchini, sliced almonds, hemp seeds, pre-dressing.
And here’s the roasted cauliflower! Super yum. I did f this one up as well by using Everything but the Bagel seasoning which is (duh) full of sesame seeds….which are not compliant. Oops part II.

And despite my two oops moments, I feel like I”m doing pretty well. But I know I’m still kind of hungry after the salad, but just kind of push away the feeling.

Around 7:30 pm, a friend comes over for a walk. I’m not really hungry at this point, so don’t think much of it. By the time I’m home, it’s 9:30 pm and I’m starving.

I know it’s late at this point to make dinner, but I feel like I need to make SOMETHING or it’ll keep me up.


Honestly though, what I made was delicious. If simple. And I feel like I’m becoming the queen of kale really. Zucchini and kale sautéed in ghee with YA GUESSED IT, nutritional yeast, salt, red pepper, pepper. Yeah. Plus some quinoa that I cooked in some beef bone broth. I feel kind of OK about doing this since it’s just broth… even though it may be technically against the rules to eat a grain with a animal product.

OK I know this is a fugly-ass picture. It was 10:30 pm by the time I was done and I was starving and just wanted to eat. And had ZERO patience to fx with lighting.

How’d I Do?

Rating (totally arbitrary and self-created): 7/10

Day 1 I feel was a reasonable success! I had 3 oops moments: the TJ’s dressing, Everything but the Bagel seasoning, and now that I think about it, the bone broth with quinoa. Pretty good for a first day though, I think. I’m patting myself on the back.