90 Day Cleanse

So, Why Am I Doing A 90-Day Candida Cleanse?

You might be wondering WHY I would subject myself to a 90-day cleanse of any sort and what a candida cleanse entails.

This post is intended to provide some context šŸ™‚

My Story

Over the past 8 years, I’ve struggled with chronic yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. These two ailments have altered the course of my entire life path (hyperbolic sounding, but true). It’s the reason I started getting serious about health, like so many others who have dealt with chronic conditions. Countless lifestyle decisions have been influenced by my efforts to either prevent or treat these two conditions ā€” my decision to give up gluten, dairy, and most sugar. A paranoia about hanging out in sweaty gym clothes or wet swimwear. The purchasing of thousands of dollars of both pharmaceutical drugs and holistic supplements. Innumerable doctor’s appointments ā€” both to conventional doctors (Western medicine) and holistic doctors (Eastern medicine, acupuncture).

Through this process, I did (finally) find some things that have worked for the prevention and treatment of both conditions (more on this later), but I now operate in a constant state of vigilance. If I slip and have a bite of ice cream, I wonder if I’m going to wake up the next day with a nasty infection. If I workout and am not able to immediately change out of my leggings, I start feeling anxious.

Why Cleanse?

I heard about the candida cleanse from a dear friend of mine who suffered from similar issues. She sent me information on the cleanse and actually agreed (with another girlfriend) to do it together. The time that it takes to complete varies for different people depending on the severity of their candida (“candida” is the fungus that causes yeast infections) issues, but she thought that based on what she knew about my condition, that 90 days should be sufficient (it’s still a good amount of time!).

So, the three of us are embarking on this journey together. I’m grateful for the support and accountability. In these 90 days, I will commit to a strict diet (more to follow on the specifics) and supplement regimen in hopes of resetting my gut for good and ridding myself of candida (and the yeast infections that result) for life. We’ll see how it goes– but I thought I would chronicle this great experiment as both an accountability exercise for myself, and a resource for others that are suffering from candida.

Wish me luck and let me know in the comments any questions/recommendations/thoughts šŸ™‚